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Knitting In-Progress

The production of all our knitted accessories and homeware is underway as we prepare for Autumn!

Where possible we hand make the accessories in-house at our London based studio, here we hold two domestic knitting machines which are the workhorses of Rose B. Brown and despite their age and dated appearance, continue to produce our beautiful scarves to highest standard of quality. Every element of design and detail is actioned manually, from the pattern to the colour change and shape. This gives us complete control over our products which is a very refreshing and exciting way to design!

Some accessories in the collection such as socks and gloves require specialist machinery for the most professional finish, these are produced in our factory in the North of England. I headed up there at the beginning of the year to meet the skilled team of people who are involved in the making up of our range. It was my second visit since we started working together in 2014 and the factory has just expanded into new premises, I always love to be in a "behind the scenes" environment and understand more about the process. Seeing the machinery and learning how it works is so exciting and important when there are limitations on how and what you can design when using a more industry style approach to manufacturing.

Marie utilising one of the many hats she's stitched!                 Pom Pom Machine

See the glove machine in action!

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