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Clothing Care

We design our pieces to last a lifetime — with proper care and attention to repairs, we envision them as future heirlooms, intended to be worn, loved, and passed down.

Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to all clothing care — much of our knitwear can not and should not be washed in the washing machine as the process can degrade the integrity of the fibres.

In general, natural fibres require far less washing than synthetics. All natural and cellulosic fibres, like wool, cotton, and linen are breathable and thereby less prone to smells, and in the case of wool can naturally repel spills. 

If you wish to freshen up your 100% lambs wool knitwear then please hand wash at 20 degrees using a gentle wool detergent. Rinse in a bowl of clean water and lay flat on a towel to dry.

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