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Made in Britain

100% Made in Britain

A select few of our designs are hand made to order in our studio, using vintage, seventies domestic knitting machines. These amazing machines however they do have their limitations so for the majority of our collection we outsource our production to a small, family run factory in Manchester.

Rose has been working very closely with their team for nearly 10 years, together they have formed a clear and concise understanding of the brand and the quality it restores. The Manchester factory specialises in creating most of our accessories. Visits are made to the factory at the beginning of each season to have a face to face meeting with the programmer and go over all the designs in detail. While we are there we also take a stock inventory of all our yarn so that we can incorporate any discontinued yarn into our palette to use for the smaller details, this ensures that nothing is wasted. 

Our socks are knitted in a separate factory because the machinery needed to create a quality sock is completely unique. Factories tend to specialise in sock production, you will only find a hand full of these hosiers left in the UK, and most have been running for over a 100 years! Our socks are made in Derbyshire in a factory whose focus is on working with organic cotton rather than pesticide cotton. We're incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to work together with their team.

Each item in the collection has involved a skilled maker, who is not without cost but is worth their weight in expert craftsmanship. The time and care put into our range is clear and noticeable, it has been created to stand the test of time so that items can be enjoyed year after year.

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