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How To Store Your Knitwear

The transition from winter to summer in Britain can be quite unpredictable. We experience warm early spring days that tease us with the promise of summer, only to be followed by unexpectedly cold and arctic-like days. This cycle seems to continue endlessly until, one day, we are surprised to realise that summer has quietly sneaked up on us. Does this sound familiar?

As a result, we often find ourselves reluctant to pack away our warmer knits until now. However, the time has come to do so, though not all of them! It's always wise to keep a few versatile knits in our wardrobe, ready to be worn during those unpredictable British summer days. Do you, like us, have some favourite jumpers or cardigans that you prefer to keep handy all year round?

For the knits that do end up in storage for half the year, here are some valuable tips to keep them in excellent condition:

  1. Freeze them! Yes, you read that right. Place your knits in a bag and freeze them overnight. This process helps eliminate any moth eggs that might be lurking in the fibers.

  2. After freezing, hand wash your knits using a gentle wool detergent at a temperature of 20 degrees. Rinse them in a bowl of clean water to ensure thorough cleaning.

  3. When drying your knits, always lay them flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight if possible, as it can cause fading or damage. Make sure your items are completely dry before packing them away. Patience is key here! Any lingering dampness can lead to mildew and degrade the fibers of your knits.

  4. We recommend storing your knits in an airtight box. While some may opt for vacuum sealing, be aware that this can cause them to lose their fluffiness short-term. The soft, fluffy texture will eventually return to your jumpers, but in the meantime, an airtight box is a preferable option.

  5. Finally, add some lavender and cedar wood blocks to deter any resilliant moths! It will also scent your knitwear beautifully making it a treat to recover in the Autumn! 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your knits remain in great condition, ready to be cherished and worn again when the colder months return.

- Elise Anna Carter

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