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My Love, Ray Stitch

From the very beginning of my journey with Rove, I knew I wanted to have part-time work while managing my own small business. I quickly realised the benefits of stepping away from the studio and switching off the business mode. It keeps my ideas fresh and helps me continue to love what I do. Besides, I would miss the close collaboration with colleagues who often become good friends. That special bond is something I treasure from all my previous jobs.

The moment I laid eyes on Ray Stitch, a charming haberdashery with its dark grey exterior and a neat row of colorful deck chairs outside, I knew it was the perfect place for me. So, you can imagine my excitement when my application was accepted, and I started working there as a weekend haberdasher.

Growing up, my mother was a professional pattern cutter and an avid seamstress. This meant that I often found myself exploring various haberdasheries while she searched for Bias tapes and Bodkins. It was a time just before they started to disappear due to the rise of fast fashion, cheap clothing, and overseas manufacturing in the 90s. Now, I'm relieved to witness a resurgence in dressmaking and a growing interest in sewing. It's no surprise, really, as sewing not only brings joy through learning a new skill but also offers a way to bypass the dreaded high street shops and create something unique and lovely to wear, use, or even sit on!

Ray Stitch is the perfect place to indulge your sewing passion. If you have a contemporary and understated taste, you'll be delighted by the fabrics that greet you. Most patterned materials are imported from Japan and exude stylishness. The plain fabrics, woven from natural fibers, offer a wide range of color choices, including an array of sophisticated greys.

Beyond the enticing fabrics, there's something truly special about this shop. Like moths to a flame, Ray Stitch attracts a diverse range of inspirational and creative customers who come with all sorts of questions and requests. This makes my role as a haberdasher consistently interesting and engaging. It's a continuous learning journey!

It's only natural that a place like Ray Stitch attracts equally fascinating staff. Each of my colleagues possesses enviable skills and talents rooted in craftsmanship and creative processes. I'd like to share with you the work of Beatrice Larkin, a talented weaver who designs the most exquisite throws and cushion covers. She, like me, is a small business owner who generously shares her weaving wisdom with the Ray Stitch community.

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