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Hawley Street Pop-Up

We, the team at Rove, were thrilled to bring our passion for knitwear to a bricks and mortar shop in the vibrant coastal town of Margate in February. Setting up our pop-up shop on Hawley Street, we embarked on an exciting journey to showcase our AW22 collection, as well as a range of mending tools, and launch our inspiring darning workshops. It was a celebration of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the artistry of knitwear that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

From cosy jumpers to elegant scarves and hats, each piece radiated the distinctive Rove style. Timeless designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and sustainable materials were at the core of our collection, captivating the fashion-savvy visitors of Margate.

We believe in the power of extending the life of our cherished knitwear. That's why we introduced a comprehensive range of high-quality mending tools at our pop-up shop. From darning needles and thread to stitch markers and fabric scissors, we aimed to equip our customers with the tools needed to embrace the concept of slow fashion. By mending and maintaining their knitwear, they could actively contribute to a more sustainable and conscious approach to dressing.

One of the highlights of our week long pop-up was the launch of our darning workshops. These interactive sessions provided attendees with invaluable skills and knowledge on effective mending techniques for knitwear. Led by our experienced artisans, participants delved into the art of visible mending, discovering creative approaches to breathe new life into their beloved garments. The workshops not only fostered a sense of community but also empowered individuals to embrace sustainable fashion practices.

We were humbled by the positive reception from attendees and the local community. Through our pop-up shop in Margate, we aimed to inspire creativity and promote conscious consumption. We wanted visitors to rethink their relationship with fashion, emphasizing the significance of quality, durability, and mindful choices. By showcasing our exceptional products and offering educational initiatives, we hoped to ignite a passion for sustainable and intentional dressing.

- Rose x 

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