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Best Cafes in Margate

As some of you most likely know, we are based in Margate and have been for 4 years since we relocated (like many other creative types) from East London. I feel like I could talk at length about any number of topics that surrounded this move: change in environment; how it's benefitted the business; mental health; lockdowns; becoming a mother... the list goes on. But today I'm going to keep it light and talk about refreshments! 

(I'll save those other topics for another blog post, if you like)

I'm definitely not alone in my love for coffee, snacks and day trips so I thought I'd give you a tour of my favourite places in case you're planning to come to Margate this summer 2022. 

I'm going to assume that you're only here for one day, maybe two so I'll take you on a walking tour from Margate Old Town, up to Cliftonville.

- You've just got out of the train station, it's late morning, you're hungry and you need to look at the ocean for a bit, I hear you! Opposite the station you have The Bus Cafe, it's right on the beach and they will fill you up with a hearty breakfast all from the comfort of the top deck, while you take in the view! 

Best cafe in Margate by Rove knitwear Storeroom by Curve (Storeroom by Curve)

- You're full, wonderful, but you need that delicious coffee, for which we'll head towards Storeroom. Take a walk over/around Main Sands beach and through the Old Town where you can find a few excellent vintage shops. If you walk up the High Street you will find Storeroom within the precinct, they roast their own beans and the coffee is delicious!

- I hope you have some room for "thirds" because you can't miss Forts, perhaps the best brunch/lunch in Margate, along with homemade cakes and baked goods from Grain and Hearth. Our favourite is the vegetarian "sausage" roll along with an iced flat white, in case you wanted to know! It's all available for takeaway so you can skip down to the beach and enjoy your goods on the sand!

- It's time for something thirst quenching... walk along the coast to Walpole Bay Hotel, for a step back in time to the Edwardian era, and sit on the terrace with something cold from the bar. 

- If you now have a feeling for another establishment hailing from a by-gone-era then please head Batchelors Patisserie. They bake all their own goods and you will not regret the Eccles Cake, or the Frangipane, or the .... etc etc. 

- Is it still before 4pm? If so, and you have room for one last coffee, then Skinny Dip is a 5 minute walk up Northdown Road. They serve coffee from Girls who Grind and boast an excellent menu of Bodega's.

- However, if it's gone 4pm and you're looking for booze and salty snacks then you're just around the corner from Stingray, a great little place positioned in the evening sun with smiley staff and happy feelings! 

Happy Holidays! - Rosie



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