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To-do Lists & Train Rides

I like to write to-do lists, I often write up really long ones while I'm daydreaming about how amazing a year could be with the right planning. They are also interspersed with the simplest, most obtainable things which I must be really excited about, even in my dream state. This year I managed to tick off the last 'to-do' from a list I found dated 2011 (this was done unknowingly, I don't generally continue with outdated to-do lists!)

In between 'Try rye bread' and 'Visit Kate' I had casually written 'Go to Norway', "Oh OK, I'll just squeeze that in with my new health regime and learning a new language!" Is probably what I thought when I re-found this list in 2012 and placed it between the pages of an unread copy of George Orwell's 1984. However, in this instance, four years on, I have my sense of completion! Me and Al flew to Oslo the week before last and took the most incredible, scenic, 7 hour train ride across the country to Bergen on the west coast. Here are a few snippets from our journey...

Left Oslo at 9am

Slowly winding our way higher and higher into the mountains

A lonely, little hut at the highest point

Creeping our way back down, beautiful low light casting illustrative shadows on the snow

Riding through small villages, after so much white they seem like explosions of colour!

I shall never through away a to-do list, however unrealistic it is at the time. You never know when you're about to tick.

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